Easy Adjustable Cabinet Drawers

No tools required!
No tools required!

When it comes to Universal Design (UD), there is a strong recognition that UD features will be of immediate value to homeowners and recognized by future buyers, when the time comes for resale.  Most UD features add style and function benefits, but this one is strongly on the side of function.

We saw easy adjustable shelving introduced to refrigerators years ago, followed by adjustable upper cabinet shelving, but drawers were pretty much locked in place once built.  Thanks to our friends at LancasterMaid cabinetry, and one of their engineering partners, we now have fully adjustable cabinet drawers in kitchen cabinetry too.

It is doubtful that many people will be changing drawer heights any more often than they change the shelf heights in their refrigerators or upper cabinet shelves. The point is that the drawers can be tailored to the homeowners’ needs during setup. The configuration is a function of what the homeowner wants to store in any given cabinet, and this makes that possible. If the height does need to be changed to accommodate a bigger item, then it’s an easy change.

Here’s another example of UD kitchen engineering working to make our lives just a bit easier.