Property Maintenance; Simple and Affordable

Retirement Ppty Mgmt“An affordable option, for as little as $199/month”


Hiring contractors to help with home maintenance tasks can be a good strategy, but many discover that it’s neither an easy nor stress-free solution, even under normal circumstances. Encountering a health setback or the loss of a spouse can make relying on contractors too much to manage. The practicality of staying in the home under these circumstance can seem elusive, forcing homeowners to uproot, incur moving costs and accept a location away from their neighborhood and accommodations less suited to entertaining family and friends. An unexpected consequence can be isolation, feelings of loneliness and depression.

The typical contractor model has reliability issues and simply takes too much work. Too many contractors don’t return calls, don’t show up when expected and demand alarming fees. It’s a real problem for homeowners who are competing for contractors’ attention, but have limited time to find and manage them effectively. Compound this with a lack of control when things don’t go as planned, and the homeowner is set up for serious disappointment.

Coming from a background in commercial contractor management, we have a different approach that is designed specifically for homeowners who want to protect their independence. The homeowner should just have to deal with one person for maintenance. It’s a much more efficient process! As a Maintenance Management service, we can manage some of the home, or we can manage EVERYTHING to do with home maintenance. We provide regular inspections of the home, and provide handyman services for a flat monthly fee. If there’s additional work required, we can provide the service directly, or arrange for a specialty contractor and facilitate the work from proposal to completion for our client.

It is a flexible package that allows our clients to pick the services they want managed and how frequently they want us to check on the home. Working with a dedicated Property Manager, clients are able to design a solution tailored to their needs. It’s a simple and effective approach that optimizes service and value for every homeowner.

So what does it cost? We’re committed to make our service accessible to clients who choose independent living in their own home. It’s a very affordable option, for as little as $200/month. Compare that to the cost of moving, the monthly fees at adult community facilities, and our services can be a very good investment alternative. Our Homeowner Cost Model can compare several options the homeowners may be considering. The model also looks at the equity implications of moving versus staying. Ultimately equity may play a much bigger role in the decision, as it impacts future options.


Benefits of Managed Maintenance

  • Home equity and standard of living are protected
  • More time for the things you love to do
  • Simplified through a single point of contact
  • Access to recommended local contractors
  • Affordable, flexible service plans
  • Predictable long term costs
  • Aging in Place can remain in the home longer
  • Reduced risk of major failures and emergency repairs
  • No long term contract – cancel at any time
  • Peace of mind for all family members


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