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Scott Fulton

Owner, Home Ideations LLC

Welcome to Home Ideations, and thanks for checking us out. With 35 years in engineering and business, and personal experience working with the physically challenged, it has long intrigued me how easily homeowners can get caught up in colors and textures and almost forget the importance of personal fit and function in a design.

 Much like the foundation that supports your home, fit and function are the cornerstone of any great design and not something you can easily go back and change once the build is complete. The finished project should look fabulous and speak to your own unique tastes, but if the result hasn’t materially improved the quality of your life or markedly improved the equity of your home, you’ve missed out on a big opportunity.

My first renovation project was in 1975, the basement of the house my father built. My pitch was “if you buy the materials, I’ll do all the work”. Little did I realize then, at age 16, that it would define a big part of my life. Four decades later, my passion to innovate and improve people’s lives is stronger than ever.

Thanks again for your interest. We really appreciate you thinking of us and hope that we can be of service to you.

Ideation: It Really Is All About You

“Ideation” is at the heart of how we work, and it’s all centered around you.  We spend time together, understanding the challenges you face in and around your home. Then we get some healthy left brain and right brain ideas flowing to raise up possible solutions.  We consider all ideas in the context of the practical constraints, overlay your personal style, and quickly realize functional AND beautiful solutions. The process may sound obvious, because it’s how our brain operates, but bring in outsiders, for example contractors, and “obvious” can go out the window.

ideations at work

The goal of many kitchen and bath designers is to sell products based on aesthetics, and as a result they lack the incentive or background to consider individual needs.  Your design may look great, but function only average – or worse.  The homeowners’ family should be at the center of an ideation process, and that’s why choosing the right design/build contractor is critical if you are looking to get the most out of your investment.

Think of ideation as collaboratively processing innovative ideas within an organized process. It’s really exciting, because it promotes better ideas and ultimately more satisfying outcomes for you and your family.