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Designing and remodeling a new bathroom is a great way to vamp up your Wilmington home quickly and within a specified budget. Each new bathroom renovation will start with a professional design, which lays the groundwork for a successful remodel that will have your personal area looking and feeling new again.

Here at Home Ideations, we are a full service company ready to see your project through from start to finish. We have many new home designs for those in need of a fresh look, or those needing to update an outdated bathroom

Bathroom Design

There are countless bathroom layouts in home around Delaware. Most have inherited their design from the previous owners, which means your personal needs may or may not be met. To have a space that is original, yet functional, it is important to sit down and decide what features are useful for you and your household. We will do a free in home consultation to address each individual need and custom option, which will allow you to have a say in how exactly your new bathroom design will come out in the end. We will first consider the plumbing requirements of any new sinks, toilets or showers. Then we will see if there is enough space for each family member and guest to move comfortably in the given space. Storage options and cabinetry is another customizable feature, with many of our clients using this as an opportunity to add a personal touch to their design plan.

Renovating The Bathroom

Once the design is complete, we will move onto the remodeling process for the bathroom area. This means we may need to close off the area for a few days as we demolish, remove and replace certain fixtures. During this time, you will start to see the new bath area coming to life as we add new pieces. We will give you options to make sure you have found the right materials, faucets, and color scheme to give the bathroom that new look you are after.

New Sink & Shower

elegant new bathroom remodelOnce we identify the plumbing needs of any new fixtures, we will provide options for a new sink and/or shower in the bathroom. This will give you a chance to select either contemporary or rustic faucets, each with their own particular benefits. Many contemporary shower models have incorporated digital interfaces, multiple shower heads, and unique tiling patterns that suit those looking for a new-age look and feel. A rustic style sink can offer a tried-and-true design that fits right in with the overall remodeling project. The material used in the new sink and shower fixtures will also have its own list of pros and cons.

New Bathroom Flooring

Many homeowners wish to use the bathroom remodel as an opportunity to update their flooring. Some bathrooms, especially master baths, use both carpet and tile to separate the sink and vanity sections from the shower and toilet. We will find suitable matches in taste to bridge these two areas seamlessly. That means you can continue to use one or more of the surfaces in place, while updating the most necessary floor material first. There can be many choices in flooring including ceramic tile, laminate, vinyl, carpet and even hardwood. Depending on your requirements for durability, waterproofing, and style, we will offer our expert advice and opinions to best suit your family’s needs.

Bathroom Vanity: Cabinetry & Storage

For a new bathroom vanity, new cabinets will have a significant impact on the final result. As the renovation takes shape, you may decide which colors and materials are the best choice for these rooms in your bathing area. Should your design include a new vanity, then the cupboards and storage needs will be the most important factors in the overall look and utility. We offer custom and semi-custom cabinet options, all sourced from local builders in the Delaware area. There are many styles that will match your new sink and shower installation, offering you another great chance to add your own personal flare to the remodeling project. We may also consider adding space via a new addition or adding a separate storage area for your linens and toiletries.

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