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    Initial Design Consultation

    Explanation of the process, fees, and expectations.

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    An initial design consultation is approximately one hour in duration and takes place on-site or by internet video.

    This meeting serves to understand the needs of the client, site specific information and constraints, baseline information for the scope of the project and determine what, if any, next steps are appropriate.

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    Deliverables for this meeting are verbal comments on possible options and general guidance. This is a high-level, get-to-know each other meeting and is not intended to be detailed or provide any design or written report. If all we do is help you avoid one costly mistake down the road, that many are destined to make, that’s a big win. For in-person meetings, we’ll take some measurements and photos for our own records. For online meetings, we’ll have you provide photos and measurements in advance, for us to discuss during our meeting.

    A prepaid fee of $400.00 covers the initial meeting, payable by check or cash. You are welcome to pay in advance by mail, or upon arrival (local, in-person meetings only). Please note, we do not accept credit card or debit payment.

    Some clients get all they need from us in this initial meeting, while others request additional services. Where both parties agree upon additional services, that work is covered by a fixed price or hourly rate Design Consulting Agreement and includes travel costs. Typically, one of our interior designers will lead that work.

    Our role is to help you arrive at a design reflective of your functional needs and personal taste. We provide help by putting basic design information into documents a contractor requires to reasonably bid on a project. Our minimum project fee is $4,000, no matter how small the job. Note that we no longer build or provide construction management services or engineering, but our experience may help you avoid some common pitfalls. These services are all typically readily available in your community.

    I hope this takes some of the fear out of working with a designer and helps answer some of your questions. We value your time and ours, and the better informed you are from the start, the better the opportunity for successful outcomes.

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