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outdoor kitchen with concrete stoneIf you enjoy cooking on a regular basis but also enjoy being outdoors and close to nature, you can add an outdoor kitchen space that effortlessly combines both of these activities. Those who regularly entertain family and friends often find that the kitchen, whether by coincidence or by design, becomes a fun and relaxing place to gather. If you are entertaining or cooking during particularly beautiful weather, however, you may miss out on spending quality time with friends and family if they are gathered outdoors while you are inside preparing food. Investing in an outdoor kitchen may be an ideal way for you to be a part of the fun without curtailing your love for cooking.

Home Ideations offers a solution to Delaware and Pennsylvania homeowners by creating outdoor kitchen centers – outdoor living spaces conducive to outdoor cooking. A backyard kitchen can also open up other possibilities such as adding patios and decks with covers to keep grillers dry during rainstorms and snowstorms. You may also want to include a retaining wall that adds to the overall ambiance of the outdoor area, and also provides a defined parameter. Installing natural gas grills or stand-alone grills is also a worthwhile consideration. They will surely impress and become the centerpiece for outdoor living.

backyard kitchen patio deckInstalling natural gas piping and quick connects will make hooking up natural gas grills a cinch. They also increase your overall home value with potential purchasers- offering a unique area that can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Quick connects allow homeowners to easily attach and detach the grill, getting the freedom to move it to make more room on the deck or patio if needed. They also make it easy to add other outdoor natural gas equipment such as patio heaters and campfires. For grilling well into the evening, natural gas lights are another great addition which can easily be installed on the gas line connecting the grill. The added touch brings light and festivity to the backyard, year round.

A typical project starts with the designer and homeowner sitting down and discussing the requirements of the project. The designer then suggests tips and draws an initial plan. Construction commences once the owner is satisfied with the design and budget.

Adding rock features such as a rock garden or rock sculpture allow for the homeowner to add a personal touch to the project. You can choose from a host of rock options, including a proprietary concrete made to look like natural stone. This material also lends itself to the possibility of a waterfall, fire pit, retaining wall, and numerous other water features. You can seamlessly integrate a concrete countertop into the mix as well, providing a natural tone that can transform your outdoor kitchen into a work of art.

wilmington outdoor kitchen ideaFor their numerous benefits, outdoor kitchens have evolved from being simple grilling stations to being full-service areas complete with weatherproof cabinetry, stainless steel sinks and accessories, and refrigeration options. When you work with Home Ideations, you are sure to end up with an extraordinary backyard kitchen addition. Even if you live in an area such as Wilmington, DE where we experience a variety of less-than-desirable weather conditions, an exterior kitchen that is enclosed on all sides with glass walls, for example, may allow you to enjoy the proximity of the out of doors without being hampered by inclement weather. In addition to making your special and everyday cooking and entertaining more fulfilling, you may significantly add to the overall value of your home with the addition of a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen.

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