Accessibility & Universal Design

Universal design means making things easily accessible for all, regardless of age or ability.

We consider Universal Design Principles (UDP) in all our designs because they tend to look better and provide for easier living. 

universal design for disabilities and seniors

One simple example of UDP at work is curbless crosswalks. They make it easier for strollers, bikes, walkers, runners – basically everyone! Add up the benefits of this one minor design change and it’s no wonder curbless crosswalks are now the standard worldwide.

UDP has been practiced in commercial designs for years, but unfortunately our residential sector has been slow to adopt. For Home Ideations, Universal Design is about designing smarter, because smart designs inevitably look better, function better and often save money.  They enhance the sense of space, allow for better flow and brings things to where you need them.

 A Home Ideations UDP design starts with understanding everyone who is going to use the space and for what purposes, as discussed in the Ideation section above. 

You might benefit from things like having two counter heights instead of just one, installing a motion switch instead of a toggle, designing a gentle incline into the new sidewalk and front garden while eliminating some steps. These are just a few examples of little things that, when added up, significantly improve the livability of your space every day.

seniors with universal design in their home

Access For Handicapped & Seniors

Those with special handicaps are consistently overlooked by design and redesign trends, and the impact is felt everywhere they go.

It only makes sense that a home redesigned for a wide range of people’s needs and interests has more value than a home designed just for some of those same people. 

Our redesigns come with everyone in mind, and we love to have a helping hand in creating a more usable area for those with special needs and accessibility requirements. Seniors that are choosing to age in place during retirement have found our solutions especially comforting. Add in the aesthetic features of Universal Design and it is easy to appreciate the impact on your home’s market value.  And if you can achieve this without spending any more money, why wouldn’t you?

It’s a fun and exciting time to “renew with purpose”. We’d be happy to show you several examples of UDP at work and places we could incorporate the benefits into your daily life.


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