bathroom renovation new shower and tubEveryone loves the look of a newly remodeled bathroom. Even though we might not spend much time there, it is a place of solitude and, often, a personal sanctuary. You can really express your personality in the form of color schemes, tiling, shower and sink choices, and more. In recent years, new showers with multiple shower heads, digital interfaces, and new tile designs have taken bathroom remodeling in Delaware by storm. We will first take a look at new design ideas, considering your current space available, possible additional space, and personal  needs. There will be options for new cabinets to provide additional storage, or give the sink and vanity a new look. We love to introduce homeowners to the newest options that can transform their private bathing area. There are numerous styles that fit many personalities, and we feel like your perfect bath quarters lay ahead.


New Bathroom Vanity

Most woman use a vanity, or make-up area in the morning, and that means that this can be a great source of inspiration to start the day. When we have an area that makes us feel great, we tend to come away from that area in a better mood, which positively kick-start our activities. To find room for a new bathroom vanity, we will first look at the available space, then make sure the plumbing is adequate before installing any new sinks and faucets. new bathroom remodel with new vanity cabinet and mirrorsThe vanity structure itself can be customized to fit almost any area, and there may be an option to expand the bathroom entirely, either by moving a wall back or using available floor space. We also offer custom cabinets, which can blend seamlessly with the vanity and flooring to create a new look. For the vanity itself, we have seen tons of interesting ideas over the years, including recycled media cabinets and the like. This is where design and creativity play an important role, as the options are endless and the final result much match with the overall theme. That is why we love designing and remodeling bathrooms, for the thrill of creative inspiration and working with our valued clients throughout the process.

Tile Flooring

bathroom renovation from Wilmington home designed with blue wall and checkered tile
Project from Wilmington, DE

Lucky are those who find new tiles for their bathroom that offer both protection from water, and a unique design. There are plenty of choices in laminate, glass, and porcelain tiling, and we often seek out the finest quality from local manufacturers, where possible. For a small bathroom remodel, you may find that you only need a small quantity of tiles because of the smaller surface area, but the impact is, nonetheless, vital. The options are far ranging; from vinyl and ceramic to cork and stone. Vinyl and a plastic laminate might be the lowest cost options available, and they can still offer a wide range of style and design. Linoleum, on the other end of the spectrum is often regarded as a great choice because of it being naturally anti-bacterial and essentially organic- made of linseed oil, wood flour, limestone and cork powder. Cork and Ceramic tiles are also popular for many homeowners in Wilmington, since they do not require much in the way of maintenance. Cork, may be preferred by some as it is light to the touch and does not get as cold in the winter!

Barrier-Free Shower

The big trend in baths is removing tubs and the curbs in showers to make them totally barrier-free. This makes the room feel bigger, provides an updated look, and functions better for everyone. Persons with accessibility needs such as the elderly or those in a wheelchair, understand the dangers posed by a traditional bathtub and the need to step over and into the barrier container. With a walk-in , or barrier free shower, this obstacle is all but eliminated as the entry point is widened and lengthened to accommodate those with limited mobility. These easily accessible shower models are then capable of housing a bench or wall seat for ultimate shower safety. Depending on your current bathtub barrier set-up, there may be a few options for your bathroom, but rest assured you will have a much easier time bathing with this barrier-free model.