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new white cabinets master bathroomIn keeping with our commitment to quality, all we sell are all-wood cabinets.   We’ve done the screening work for you and are extremely proud of the manufacturers we have chosen to work with.

The cabinet market has undergone tremendous change in recent years and has never been more competitive. That has translated into good news for consumers, as the range of cabinetry is wider than ever, and the pricing even more within reach.

Home Ideations is the local authorized dealer for these fine cabinetry makers:

Lancaster Maid

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“Expertly constructing & finishing custom framed cabinetry since 1986 in Northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. From the beginning, we have devoted ourselves to providing excellent quality cabinetry at an incredible value. Whatever your style, preferences, or decor, we can provide the cabinetry that best suits you. At Lancaster Maid Cabinets, we never forget that it is our privilege, and an honor, to create cabinetry to your individual liking!”

For custom designs and furniture grade construction and finishes, it’s hard to imagine a better choice.  We’re really excited to represent a highly respected local manufacturer.



Shiloh Cabinetry is built by W. W. Wood Products, Inc., a family-owned company since its beginning in 1977. The company setup shop in Dudley, Missouri, a rural town of under 300 people, and has remained there since the beginning.

Our company is extremely self-sufficient, relying very little on outside sources to provide components to build our cabinetry. This allows us to control the product quality from start to finish, as well as maintain our extremely high on-time delivery rate and fast turnaround. We invest heavily in state-of-the-art equipment to stay at the forefront of the cabinet industry.

We have around 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing space with some of the best equipment available. We have enjoyed steady, robust growth because of our family style of management that allows us to respond quickly to the ever-changing cabinet market.

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