Kitchen Remodeling Delaware

new kitchen remodel finished in wilmingtonWhen residents consider a home renovation, the kitchen is often the first place they look. It is often the most utilized space and we often find ourselves spending quality family time here. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or not, the kitchen remains as a primary division of the house. This is the place where you put your heart out in preparing sumptuous meals for your loved ones. Thus, keeping it clean and pleasing at all times is an important consideration. If your kitchen is outdated, then you have probably felt like you could be enjoying the area more with a few simple upgrades.

There can be many approaches to obtaining the kitchen space of your dreams, however every kitchen remodel must start with a professional design. The design should be both customized to your household needs, and many also like to consult with local trends specific to the Wilmington area. Some prefer to start small, and add pieces over time. Others may wish to completely renovate, which will offer the most immediate gratification and have your home looking new very quickly. The countertop and cabinet selections are an integral piece of the renovation process, and we have the best options available from local producers of the materials. Another exciting piece to the kitchen puzzle is the choice of flooring. Whether you choose from tiling, stone or wood floors- this is sure to be a highlighted feature of the new kitchen and should allow for a personal touch to be applied. If you are aiming for a beautiful and appealing kitchen where you can prepare the favorite foods and dishes of your family, remodeling your kitchen can provide value to your property and lifestyle for years to come.

New Kitchen Counters

Aside from the floors, your kitchen countertops will most likely see the most daily usage. Therefore, it is extremely important to find a surface that meets both your design needs as well as your utilization needs. If you do a lot of cooking, it is probably best to choose from a hard and durable surface such as granite or Corian or stainless steel. Granite is a highly durable and stylish material that is a favorite among local Wilmington homeowners. Most newly remodeled kitchens incorporate some sort of contemporary or rustic design, centered around the counter and cabinet combination. That is why we often like to present various options for the countertops first, as a solid wood cabinet underneath can often be found to match more easily than trying to match a counter to a cabinet or flooring material. If you would like to increase your counter space, we can also look into making an addition or opening up your kitchen to accommodate for either larger or longer countertops, or perhaps a new kitchen island. With an open floor plan, you can have your counters lead seamlessly into the dining or living area and bring together your family and guests in a comfortable setting. Either way, your new kitchen counters are sure to bring out an appealing look and can often lead to the overall kitchen idea plan going forward.

New Kitchen Island

grey kitchen island In the past few years, kitchen islands are turning into a mainstay favorite for many homeowners. There’s no wonder, as this central piece can serve as an additional piece of decoration, but also works as additional storage. The kitchen island is versatile enough making it a one-stop decoration that is both attractive and useful. When it comes to the installation, it is advisable to come up with a design that is well-incorporated with overall interior of the kitchen. On the other hand, if you opt to make the island as the center of attraction, you can try covering the entire body with metallic paint or printed contact paper. It is also worth noting that covering your new kitchen island with plain paint and a pop of neon color can make a nice contrasting effect.

Custom & Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets might be the most jam-packed areas in the entire house. Imagine all the kitchen tools and equipment, as well as the ingredients you have to store, all within a single room within the home. In order to keep everything organized and tidy, having several cabinets and storage is a must. Some of the most common types of cabinets used in the kitchen are frameless, face frame, raised panel door, glass door, and flat-panel door. A recipe corner is a fast-rising trend in kitchen remodels. What makes the recipe corner attractive is that it helps to ensure that you have a place where you can put all the must-try recipes. As a matter of fact, you can already make a recipe corner out of the table top of the drawer, and simply add new cabinets into the space. You can then include a customized layout that will allow you to develop the space around your tastes. We are lucky to have a full line-up of local cabinet builders that will optimize any kitchen for the numerous activities taking place in the cooking and dining areas.

New Kitchen Flooring Options

Finding a new floor for your kitchen will be one of the tougher choices, by the shear number of options available. Each flooring material has its own list of pros and cons, however your choice should depend entirely on the type of activities you perform the most, and on your desired style. We most often see homeowners choosing between some sort of wood, stone or ceramic tile surface when remodeling their kitchen, and for good reason as these all provide great utility and style.

Solid Wood

As you will see in many of our gallery photos, wood flooring is extremely popular for homes around the Wilmington area. We have found that a newly remodeled kitchen is always made to look nicer with a solid stained wood laid down to provide the elegant, clean and natural look that is so often coveted. The surface is softer than stone or tile, which means it is not so bad for accidental falls and dropped items. This also means that spills must be cleaned well as the wood can absorb more liquid and can cause bubbling or stains if not treated properly. Unique to wood, the patina adds a different color and texture over time, bringing out a certain character that is unique to each type of floor.

Ceramic Tile

If you are looking for the most standard choice- ceramic tile is never a poor option. We find that families with active children and pets love ceramic floors because of their ability to withstand consistent pressure from running and pet claws. They also have many style and design variations to really allow for the homeowner to add a personal touch to the overall look of the kitchen, and easily match with the counters and backsplash. Ceramic surfaces are extremely hard and durable, which means that they are also unforgiving when it comes to falls and accidents. However this can be countered with its ability to make spills and messes extremely easy to clean.

Stone Flooring

Stone floors have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing a rich color palette and unique surface for a more rustic look. There are few surfaces that are more durable, and each piece of stone is unique in the ridges and color which adds tremendous variation and character to the kitchen floor. You do not have to worry about damage from spills or dropped items, which also mean they can be a bit unyielding for accidental falling. but not insofar as the positive aspects they bring to the table.

If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project either now or in the future, be sure to obtain a in home consultation from us as soon as possible. We will gladly lay out your design options and give you some insight into the expected time and cost of the project as a whole.