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Aging in Place is a choice many people are making for attractive lifestyle and economic benefits. For seniors, the same universal design elements apply for new and existing houses, whether you’re planning to stay put in your current home or downsize. A few changes that overcome nagging barriers quickly inject new life into a home, and go a long way to making us feel young again. Often homes require modifications to ensure ease of use and safety, particularly where illness, accident or decreased mobility are experienced.

Aging in Place 101


The design of your home is focused on long-term usability


You get to enjoy your own design choice while having the necessary functionality

Idea Gallery

Several features can be designed into the existing architecture to improve both function and aesthetics, such as:

  • Inclined Walkways
  • Curbless showers + seating in place of tubs
  • Accessible kitchens & baths
  • Stairlifts, elevators and widened doorways
  • Grab handles for improved stability
  • Easy-operate fixtures and devices
  • Family cameras to easily link households

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Special Access Remodeling

Accessibility for Everyone

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Accessibility means EVERYONE can come and go from your home with ease, all year long.  That means that whether you’re hauling in the groceries, taking the baby out in the stroller or wheeling yourself out to the car, a well designed home supports that. 

We are one of very few remodeling consultants with experience in special-needs ability remodelingwheelchair  access, lifts, and most all specialty needs accessibility projects. Most situations are unique, and chances are we have seen something similar in the past and can make a much more qualified assessment of the proper installation requirements. Do not let your home stand in the way of you enjoying your day-to-day life experience, as a home can be modified much more easily than a piece of equipment.

The sooner we can start making improvements for you, the longer you can enjoy and peace of mind of knowing you’re prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.  And if moving makes more sense for you, we can help get update your current home, while preparing your next home with the improvements that you’re looking for.

Proactive Fall Prevention

If institutional looking grab bars have been holding you back from improving safety in your home, we can help with attractive solutions. There are great options that add function and flair for any style in mind. Quality grab bars double as towel bars and bath mat drying bars. In addition, they can anchor securely into a stud or a hollow wall.

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