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Explanation of the process, fees, and expectations.

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Most Aging in Place projects are destined to fail before they even start. Don’t let that happen to you

Aging in Place (AiP) projects typically fail due to lack of knowledge on the part of both the homeowner and the contractor. AiP projects are relative new to both homeowners and contractors, making them vulnerable to unintended outcomes beyond the usual challenges of home improvement projects. Unfortunately, good intentions don’t ensure a quality result.

  • Homeowners aren’t sure of what’s possible, what to ask for and how to choose an AiP contractor.
  • Contractors are quick to say yes to get the contract, but very few have any real training or experience, despite what they might claim.

Finding out near the end of the project, after most of the money’s been spent, isn’t the time to realize you’ve got a problem. At the end of the day, the contractor will say he/she built what you told them, and that’s what you agreed to, and that’s what you’re stuck with.

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What We Do

Most importantly, we are your informed thought partner, filling the knowledge gap between you and your future contractor. We help educate you enough to understand possibilities you probably never considered and to be able to ask much better questions. That immediately changes the direction of the project and positions you for better-than-expected outcomes. You’re going to live with it for many years and this is probably your first and last time starting a project like this. You need to get this right.

Some clients get all they need from one meeting. Others request additional assistance. Either way, our role is to help you arrive at a design reflective of your functional needs that appeals to your personal taste.

We serve with clients across the globe, doing most of our work live with you on Zoom. All you need to get started is to have a few photos and some of your key goals written down in advance. If you have a couple overall room measurements, that can be helpful too.

We can also help by putting basic design information into basic documents a contractor requires to reasonably bid on the project. 

I hope this helps answer some of your initial questions. The better informed you are from the start, the better the opportunity for successful outcomes.


Scott Fulton, President

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