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Designing Your New Kitchen

newly remodeled kitchen with gray island

Once you decide to make significant renovations to your kitchen, finding the right contractor is the first step. Home Ideations is able to provide a service unlike other companies in Delaware, as we conduct the project from beginning to end. That means we will draw-up a unique and custom design plan, complete the remodel, and even perform regular maintenance to your home well after the work is complete.

Continuity and a Single Point of Contact

When adding new elements to the kitchen like countertops, a new island, or new flooring, most homeowners want to have a single point of contact throughout the process. Having one person design your new kitchen and complete the renovation means you will have a teammate that truly understands your ambitions and underlying vision. For instance, your kitchen has many electrical components that should be considered when moving and removing existing appliances and surfaces.

Your kitchen’s water and drainage also has unique plumbing systems that were designed to serve the current layout. Therefore, the people who tear down and remodel your home should have a keen understanding of all design elements as well. It will also serve you to have that same person to oversee the maintenance after the project is complete. Our three pronged approach is geared toward fulfilling this need of Delaware residents. We have the required experience (over 35 years) and we have the know-how to complete the job as planned.

Making The Kitchen Renovations

Many families use their kitchen area in a number of ways that both provide quality time together and a place to entertain guests. Therefore, when choosing to renovate the consideration should be how to maximize the utility of the kitchen area as a whole. This means optimizing the flow from the sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Clearly, the dishwasher should be near or next to the sink. However, that may require new plumbing requirements or more space, in general. Having the foresight to see all aspects of the kitchen is imperative to a successful project.

new kitchen renovation with beige cabinets

Kitchen Countertops, Backsplash & Island

We see the addition of countertop space and an island as a truly transformative step in any kitchen renovation. We have yet to meet any homeowner that would like less counter space, and choosing the material for new counters is often a fun activity. Men and woman often enjoy perusing through various types of natural stone such as marble and granite. There are also many other types of materials for solid surface countertops, like gibraltar, corian, and quartz-composite. 

Newly popular trends have also seen a tendency toward natural wood and ceramic tile. We often use your choice of countertops to guide the choice in a backsplash material and pattern. Whether it is the same material or a contrasting tile backsplash, we want to make sure that it melds nicely with the new counters. Whatever your preference, we will make sure the counter material will fit flush against the wall and kitchen island so that everything matches the new look.

New Kitchen Floors

new kitchen floors wilmington de

If your kitchen floors have been worn-out over the years, what better time to replace them then during the remodeling process. You will have many options for the type of flooring material, although most prefer some sort of laminate or hardwood for their kitchen. Hardwood floors serve those with an open design plan that may lead into a dining area. 

The durability of certain hardwoods is also ideal for a high-traffic area, such as the kitchen. Vinyl and laminate flooring options are great for those who wish to have a waterproof option. That means if you often cook or have a young family, this option could be a good choice.

Additions & Accessibility

Sometimes your goal is simply too lofty for the space you currently have in your kitchen area. This is when we may consider adding space by extending the exterior walls of the home, or knocking down an adjoining wall. Both options will allow for much more space and an open floor plan. We also have extensive knowledge in designing around specialty needs. Seniors and handicap members of the household need to have equal freedom to move around the kitchen, and we can accomplish this by making space. Often times, a wheelchair or walker is not able to fit in a designated area, leaving the person feeling like they have been left out of the floor plan altogether. We want to avoid this at all costs, so we may seek to make the addition to allow for ease-of-access for all family members and guests.

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