With each new kitchen or bathroom renovation, replacing your existing cabinets is where you can incorporate your own unique taste and style, while adding some useful new functionality to the space. Home Ideations offers both custom and semi-custom cabinet options for each new renovation, giving you the opportunity to change the overall look of your kitchen, or perhaps add some additional storage to your bathroom. Most of our clients from Wilmington really appreciate that we only use local manufacturers, local to the Delaware area. That means the cabinet wood is sourced from your backyard and built to fit perfectly into your new home. Our custom options are flexible in terms of the design and wood types, and our semi-custom options will allow a chance to add some unique characteristics.

Adding New Cabinetry To Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the first place most homeowners look to renovate, and many time this is due to outdated cabinetry throughout. If you cupboards have been in the house for at least 10 years, chances are you have grown tired of the same look by now. That is a common quandary, and one that our customers have come to us for many times in the past. That is why we decided to partner with several cabinet dealers in the Wilmington area, and added customized solutions for our customers. Now your kitchen can have the look and feel you are after, and we will make sure the new cupboards will be cut according to the new design. Some of the custom cabinet options available are:

  • Lazy Susan
  • Trash Can Drawer
  • New Pantry
  • Silverware Drawers
  • Large Cabinet For Pots and Pans
  • Matching Kitchen Island
  • Wine Bar

If you are wondering whether you have the space within your current kitchen size, we will do an in-home consultation to determine new layout and design options for a new remodeling project. At this point you will know what can be done with your current cabinet space, or if adding space is possible.

Bathroom Cabinets

Your bathroom is obviously a smaller area that does not get as much use as the kitchen, so you have probably not considered what new cabinets could mean for this space. For a master bathroom in particular, new cabinets can transform not only the look and feel, but how your bathroom is used in general. That means you can create a space that has all new storage options, or perhaps add a large vanity for makeup and cosmetics. More cabinets means more storage options and less clutter, so you can also add a cleaner feel to the bathroom overall. The medicine cabinets are important for storing medicine and toiletries, and these are often creating a mess on top of the sink. With our custom cabinetry, you will have a unique display that is tailored to your style and can add color and contemporary design to a blandish bathing area. We want to help you find the perfect combination of cabinetry and features for your newly remodeled bathroom, so feel free to schedule a walk through to discover your options!