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Property Management & Maintenance

homeowners with propertyThe challenge of maintaining a home and property can quickly become overwhelming for any of us. Regular maintenance however is essential to ensuring year-round access and safety, as well as to protect real-estate value. Individual contractors are keen to help, but managing them all, and protecting yourself from deals too good to be true, can be an intimidating task.

Caring for parents is a welcome challenge many of us encounter, but caring for their home can sometimes be too much. We can help! Our maintenance management program is designed to free you from the added chores and ensure that your parents home is maintained just as it always was. This provides for maintained peace of mind and ensures that they can continue to stay in their home for years to come, without the stress and burden of the ongoing maintenance.

We can manage the long list of contracted maintenance services for you. We keep on top of the work and present you with cost savings and/or service alternatives. You’ll know what you’ll be spending annually and we’ll be in your corner taking care of all the details, while protecting your interests every day.

Our maintenance management service is truly unique in the residential market, and designed specifically for people looking for assistance on an ongoing basis. Cindy (my wife and HI’s Marketing Director) and I have witnessed the barriers seniors face with our own parents, and we’ve designed flexible options that allow you to choose a service that fits your changing needs and frees you to focus on enjoying life.

As you learn more about us, you’ll discover that we’re about transforming homes with universal design principles for all ages and abilities. We love to create and maintain beautiful, functional spaces, filled with quality, style, and features that make life a little easier and a bit more interesting. You’ll also appreciate that “on-time” and “on-budget” are as important to us as they are to you, whether we’re providing a full renovation or managing your property for you.

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